Strength and Muscle Madness

Happy New Year, guys. This one is a tried and tested program and I haven’t received as much positive reviews for any program as much as I have received for this one. Give this one a try for the next 8 weeks but remember to take Before and After pictures and DM them to me […]

Muscle Building Workout for Intermediates and Advanced

This workout is no joke. If you put in enough intensity and consistency, you will build noticeable results within 12 weeks of this workout A couple of things that you need to focus on are as follows. On the first exercises, make sure you hit the given sets and reps with the same weight on […]

Beginners’ Workout Plan

Since a lot of young folks are starting to go to the gym, it is very important to start correct. A lot of myths and misinformation surrounds the fitness sphere so I really want you to start on the right foot. When talking about training, I like to keep things simple and basic: Compound Movements, […]

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