5 reasons you’re NOT losing weight… And what you should do to change that.

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So you’re hitting your exercise regimen, you got sweaty and achy body, you have stopped eating all the junk but when it comes to that weight loss goal, it seems almost impossible to see an ounce of change. Sound similar?!

A lot of people who get into working out face similar challenges despite their best effort to keep up with the journey. Here’s what you need to know. Losing fat is simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy. It take effort, time and consistency to get from point A to point B. Chances are, you might be working hard but not very smart. We forget to look after small details when it comes to things and these small details add up and create a big missing piece in the puzzle.

Below are some of the very common reasons as to why people don’t see results. Check to see if you are stuck for the same reasons.

1. Not accurately estimating your food intake

I hate the word ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’. I mention it a lot of time in my social media. The reason why I hate the concept of clean vs. dirty is it gives people an excuse, a permission to eat as much as they want of the ‘clean‘ foods. Clean doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. At best, it may have lesser calories (Notice, ‘it may’, not necessarily). So when those clean calories add up and crosses your daily requirement of calories, guess where they end up? In your body’s fat store. That’s what happening with a lot of people. They are overdosing on chicken breast and brown rice. Calories are calories, a proper estimation is important. If possible, count the calories.

2. Not exercising intense enough.

You can spend 5 hours at the gym, but if your workout mostly comprises of facebook status updates,
instagram selfies and jaw exercise with your friends, you are getting no where. You will have the whole day for those, but right now is the time to WORK! Focus on your sets, the reps, plan on the next set while you are resting in between. Also ditch the pink dumbbells and lift something heavy and challenging. No, you won’t turn into a man.

3. Spending time doing the wrong exercises

You may not see results if you are spending your time and energy doing the wrong exercises. All exercises are NOT the same. Every exercise has a specific goal. If your training regimen consists mostly of exercises that are just put there without any reason, it may steer you from ever achieving your goal. A successful training program is well planned and put out accordingly. One of the example of doing wrong exercise is focusing too much just on abdominal exercises. I made a video on it recently why it may be a bad idea. Check it out here. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe.

4. Focusing too much on one thing and neglecting others

Balance is the key to everything in life, and same is with fitness. The “OR” mentality should be removed from people’s mind. I see a lot of people focusing just on cardio while they put zero focus on their weight training. Similarly, there are muscleheads who just lift but never work on their cardio. The best way to successfully conquer your goals is to focus on all the things and not just one.

5. Lack of consistency

To create results, you gotta be consistent. Working out once or twice everything won’t bring your results magically. Eating a salad once every 3 days won’t either. The trick is to focus on things consistently for a long time. A slow and consistent torch is better than a powerful blast when it comes to fitness. Work hard and work hard frequently for many days.

Another thing is people are too desperate. They try a workout and diet for a week and then change it if they don’t see results overnight. It takes time. Don’t rush. Trust the process and ride along. It will surely get you to your destination.

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