Assistant work

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Now, let me give you examples of work that you might be doing. However, these work may add up as we go along. Moreover, you’re like my second brain, so I expect you to come up with things that needs to be done in order to help with my mission. Focus on fine details. You […]

Hello World!

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People are so used to me pumping out content that every time I post a video or an article, people think it’s gotta be informative and about Fitness. Sorry to disappoint my people, but this one is NOT! But Wait! So why do I have this sudden urge to write something that is neither informative […]


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Alright, let’s get this straight first. Anybody who is starting to hit the gym wants to have bigger arms, specifically the biceps. Let’s face it, we veterans who have been doing it for years also started with wanting bigger biceps at first when we joined gyms. But the sad part is, after endless sets of […]