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People are so used to me pumping out content that every time I post a video or an article, people think it’s gotta be informative and about Fitness. Sorry to disappoint my people, but this one is NOT!

But Wait!

So why do I have this sudden urge to write something that is neither informative nor about fitness? Well, sometimes I just like to write. I like channeling that inner writer that just wants to write. And the second reason is, I feel guilty AF for not posting for so long (well, I could tell you the story of how my website was accidentally deleted, but you probably wouldn’t care)

Alright people, fasten up your seat belts, grab a popcorn in one hand and scroll with the other (in which case, you will have to just shove the bucket of popcorn in your faces. But hey, we are Spartans of the modern age of tech)

As I sit here writing this, its 9:08 P.M. and I just got home after a long hectic day which started at 7 A.M. No, I’m not complaining at all. I actually kinda enjoy it. And if you have been following me on my YouTube you already know my current lifestyle (if not, then why are you still not subscribed?!)

People around me wonder how the hell am I keeping up with my schedule full of meetings, handling businesses (precisely 4) and the social media content generation with videos (I script, film and edit myself) to which I respond that you just get used to it. No, seriously, I don’t feel like I’m the Atlas of the modern era. It’s just how it is and there are thousands of others doing the same. The answer is that You get used to it.

At first, everything is chaos. Everything is tough. But you get used to things eventually. The only thing is that most people don’t have patience to push through till the latter part and quit as soon as they see this chaos in their perfect world. It’s the same with working out.

If you have ever started a workout regime, you are so sore for the first few days, even weeks for some. And that’s when a lot of new year resolutioners quit. But soon as you arrive on that 3rd and 4th week, things start becoming a bit easier. Add a few months to that, and you might start loving it. Add a few more months of consistency, and you see results. Voila!

I’m on that second phase right now. I am starting to love the hustle and I’m looking forward to seeing results and that’s the thing that keeps me motivated. See, you really do learn a lot about life from just lifting weights. But what would a typical meathead like me know anyways?!

All I want to say is, if you have successfully managed to waste 5 minutes of your life reading this post, there are two key words and lessons behind it that I want you to take from this: CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE.

Have a good night!

Let’s crush this week.

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