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Alright, let’s get this straight. I had shitty shoulders. Delts so shitty that I would often feel like bones were popping out the sides of my traps. Delts so small that I would feel like I was triangular in shape.. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get what I mean. They were pretty weak.

So if you are like me, you already know how hard it is to bring up lagging delts. They just won’t grow. But here’s the twist. I somehow managed to make them catch up to my arms. I mean, they are not humongous but they’re there, and no longer a weak point and the rate at which they are growing, they will soon look well rounded.

So how did I make that happen? I’ll share you some of the lessons I learnt that helped grow my delts.

Go high reps

One thing I did was leave the conventional 8–12 reps and went 20–25 reps on most isolation exercises, like the lateral raise, wide grip upright rows and bent over laterals. The trick here is to get the sickest pump you can.

Take low rest

I would often rest no more than 45–60 secs while doing the high rep exercises. Maintaining the pump and increasing the bloodflow in the target muscle group is very important.

Go high volume

Don’t be afraid to train until you feel like your arms are gonna fall off. I’d usually do 4–5 exercises for the shoulders alone. It’s tough, I know but it gets the job done. And nothing should matter to you more than getting the capped delts when your delts are as weak as mine were.

High frequency works

Train the delts once every 3–4 days at least. Maybe you can do a high volume workout and a low volume workout. Maybe you can do a heavy weight/ low rep session and a high rep pump chasing session. Play around with your routine.

Include one heavy compound movement

Literally any form of overhead exercise like Arnold press, Dumbbell press or Military press works. Do them for low reps and go heavy. 5–8 reps would be very idea.

Laterals, Laterals, LATERALS

Do a lot of raises to the sides. Do one arms, both arm, machine, cable, whatever you like.. But isolate them caps. Lateral raises targets your medial head of the delt, the part that is seen on the sides when you are looking from the front. It’s responsible for giving you that width. And laterals work on them better than anything else.

Work with strict form

The shittier your form is, the more you’re losing the benefits of that exercise, this is especially true when we’re talking about delts. I used to do lateral raises with 20 and 25 kgs, it feels good to lift heavy but it doesnt do much for your shoulders. One thing I noticeably did was start doing lateral raises with 7 kgs and even 5 kgs and go strict, slow form with a lot of reps. This helped me a lot.

These are all the tips I can give when it comes to improving the delts. Give them a try for 12 weeks and watch your delts grow.

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