Online Coaching

Wait a minute… Isn’t that EXPENSIVE?

Well, I know it sounds reasonable for some and utterly expensive for others. I’ll explain why the price you pay is exactly worth it.

See, truth be told, I don’t want you to spend your money on it. I have constantly put out all the information through all my videos and articles on various forms and if you have enough time to go through them, you’ll find all the resources you need to make a plan by yourself.

However, I do get requests from people who are too busy to go through all the hassle and would rather pay an expert to have a close look at them and save their efforts for research as well as in the gym doing things that may not produce results. So I do offer online coaching.
Look at it this way. Rather than spending a year’d worth of gym membership, money on bullshit supplements and your time and effort, isn’t it worth getting the same results in 6 months, which will save you all the nonsense expenses and effort?

Now I can charge you very low and send the same workout and diet plans to 30 people. But the fact that you have come to my site makes me believe that it doesn’t work. Everybody is different and the way you need to workout and eat should fully customized for you only.

And that is exactly what I do.

For every client, I look into their current state, weight, age, gender, eating habits, favorite foods and then only I make a fully custom plan to reach their goals efficiently and if you choose to hire me as your full online coach, you can reach out to me anytime though my personal contacts and have me closely look at your progress.

Sound fair enough now?

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