Should you workout when you’re ill?

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As I write this blog, my eyes are barely open, my body is more sore than usual and my expression looks like I just lost my dad’s retirement savings on a bad batch of shares. Trust me, nothing’s worse than losing my dad’s money on bad shares, I’d better had my bags packed by now and ready to leave my home. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

It’s the season of the flu and as rare as it is for me to fall ill, it does happen once in a while and today is such day. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and very achy traps and it’s gotten worse as the day passed by. And right, now, I’m just waiting for the clock to hit 8 so that I can go home and cuddle up in my bad.

So here’s the thing. I usually train all through weekdays but today, I gave it a pass.

It’s not that I was so ill that I couldn’t workout. But I decided not to. Don’t get me wrong. I love my workout time but sometimes you gotta think long term. Lots of people are just focused on today and tomorrow that they forget that they have so may more years ahead of them.

When you are ill, your first priority should be to recover. Illness already takes a big toll on your body’s immune system. And when the limited resources that you have is already being used to recover your body, you don’t wanna put extra demand. This could be the difference between falling ill and falling ill for a longer time.

Think of it. What difference does it make to stay off of the gym for 2 days when your goal is to rep that fitness lifestyle all through your life?! NOTHING! And in the mean time, your body will recover from the workouts as well and you can get back to the gym even stronger. In order to succeed, you have to take two steps forward and one step back… just to solidify what you earned. That backward step motivates and rejuvenates you to get back even hungrier and more focused. Also when you are ill, there’s a huge chance that you will transmit it to other gym members, who will transmit to other gym members who will transmit it back to you.. just when you were about to recover. KARMA, you know?!

So the next time you are ill, snooze that alarm, drink plenty of fluid, rest a little more and maybe do light exercise. You can take a short walk, do easy home workouts or just stretch your body. And stretching, if you have never tried it, feels sooo damn GOOD!

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