5 Ways to Become More Confident


We all want to be confident. Confidence gives you that sense of “I can achieve everything”. It’s like a superpower.

I wasn’t always like this. I was a very shy kid with a low level of confidence. I used to stay quiet during my classes even when I was studying in high school. I loved hiding in the crowds.

But after years of following certain things, which I am going to share today, it has helped me not only in my personal life but also in my professional life too.

So, let's discuss 5 ways to become more confident.


1. Read Books

Knowledge makes you confident. When you know less about things, it makes you insecure and confused. So, reading books helps you in exploring your mind and the more you read books and research about things, the more confident you become.

Most people do not get time to read books and if you are too busy to pick up a reading habit, then for your convenience, you can listen to audiobooks at any time while working out, driving or even walking. That’s what I have been doing recently.

Hey, wanna read a good book, start with Atomic Habits by James Clear. One of the best books I’ve read recently.


2. Spend less time on social media

Social media is just a virtual world with people posting the best parts of their life. People try to compare their daily life with people’s best part of life which makes them feel low. So instead, you should try minimizing the use of social media and stalking other people in order to boost your confidence.


3. Stop taking too many selfies

The more you take selfies, the more you disagree with it and start looking at your flaws. And you try to compare it with other good-looking people and celebrities which affects your confidence level. Don’t let other people’s opinions make you feel bad. Stop obsessing over selfies, NOW!


4. Loosen up

The most unconfident thing about a man is when they try to act tough. You should know that you’re not in competition with others to show who’s tougher. Even if you were in a competition you should know that people who are actually tough, don’t try to look tough and act hard.


5. Being positive to people surrounding you

Confident people don’t hesitate to talk positively or compliment others. So, if you’re trying to be confident, you should try to compliment others and this thing applies in your real life as well as in social media too. Cheer them up, make them feel good. You will notice a sense of positive energy when you are surrounded with positive people.


Most importantly, you need to learn to become and accept parts of you. I mean sure you can groom yourself and become that ultimate version of yourself but don’t get carried away.


With these tips, it makes you so much more confident and with that confidence, you can also approach any women you like and you will have a really good time.


Always remember, confidence is a skill, not a talent!







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