Lack of sleep is KILLING you!


It is no surprise that sleep is very important for you.

When i say it's important, I am not just talking about the importance of sleep for your muscle gains or fat loss but for your overall health.

WHO recommends sleeping for 8 hours every night wheareras getting to sleep less than 6 hours on a regular basis can destroy your immune system. It can also increase your risk of Cancer and can induce Alzheimer's later in life. Lack of sleep also disrupts your blood sugar levels.

In an experiment done by Dr. Eve Van Cauter, to see the impact of lack of sleep on obesity, the group with lower sleeping habits (less than 4 hours) consumed more than 300 calories a day on extra compared to the other group (with 8 hours of sleep) although both had similar lifestyle. Lack of sleep increases cravings and causes you to consume extra calories resulting in added fat.

Contrary to the popular belief that sleeping makes you fat, sleep actually helps you get that lean body you've been trying to.


Another research on car crashes, which is a major cause of deaths in most developed country, more than 7000 drivers over a periods of 2 years found that less than 5 hours of sleep can increase the risk of accidents by upto 3 times. Similarly, sleeping 4 hours or less increases the same risk by upto 11 times.


To sum it all up, rather than using lack of sleep as a badge of honor, it should be prioritized and taken care of.

Sleep more and you'll not only be productive, but you'll have a healthier body to live in.


Why we Sleep : Matthew Walker





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