Five reasons why you are not losing weight


For some of us dealing with fat may have never been an issue where as others struggle with it on a daily basis. However, you must have tried losing fat and you have failed. This is because of lack of proper knowledge about food and exercise. We have to follow some guidelines in order to lose fat. You might already be doing these five mistakes which we want you to correct.


1. High calories intake

Most of us don’t know the amount of calories we take in our everyday meal. There might be food that are less in quantity but dense in calories whereas there are other foods that are high in quantity but contains fewer calories. Green veggies have fewer calories in it but processed/junk food have a high amount of calories. So, the goal is to take fewer calories and include fruits and vegetables in our diet in order to lose fats.


2. Eating too less

Some people try to eat less in order to lose fat. But the truth is eating fewer foods makes our metabolism slow which makes it harder to lose fat. Human body has been built with the sole purpose of survival and to achieve that, once there is lack of food our body goes into survival mode. So, we need to take food in a balanced way and make sure we are not starving ourselves.


3. Not training with weights

Some of us might believe that cardio is the best for fat loss. But the fact is weight training is much more superior to cardio. Muscle gets strained while doing weight training which helps to burn more calories than cardio. Muscles get strong while training with weights and for recovery, you burn more calories even if you’re not doing any workouts, just to maintain your muscle. If you’re doing cardio then fat is burned only while you’re doing it, but on the other hand when you train with weights you burn fat for 4-6 extra hours even after finishing your workouts. This effect is called EPOC.


4. You’re not carb cycling

One of the easiest ways to reduce calories is by decreasing carbohydrates and increasing protein intake in every meal but our body doesn’t function well if we always take low carbohydrate foods. So, in order to lose fat, we need to take low carbohydrates for 3-4 days and increase the carb intake for one day which helps your body to get rid of starvation. This process is called carb cycling. Its usually better to have high carb days on the day of your most intense workouts, like leg days or back days.


5. Not doing high-intensity cardio

Walking helps you burn calories but most of the people don’t have much time to do it. High-intensity cardio means to perform cardio at high intensity for a certain time and then decrease the intensity for recovery, just like a sprint for 30 seconds and  walk for 1 minute as recovery, for a total of 10-15 times.  This helps you to burn calories for the next 4-6 hours even when you’re not doing anything, just like weight training does.


So, try to avoid these mistakes if your goal is to lose fat.


It may not be easy but it sure is worth it.

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