Why does your neck hurt while doing crunches?


Crunches are one of the best exercises which mainly targets and affects the abs of the human body. It is one of the most effective ways to train the abs or core muscles of our body. When the crunches are not done properly, people mostly tend to get pain in their neck and lower back. Some causes of neck pain while doing crunches are listed below.


1. Not doing the exercise properly

People think that crunches and sit-ups are the same which is totally wrong. While doing crunches, only the upper back is lifted off the floor whereas while doing situps we tend to move from the hips. Usually people experience neck pain while doing situps.


2. Unknowingly pulling of the neck

 Performing crunches incorrectly may cause neck pain and discomfort either during the exercise or as the day goes on. The pain is typically due to pulling your neck forward with your clasped hands when you perform the exercise. So, the safer alternative for the sit-ups is crunches where we bend from the abs instead of hips. While doing crunches people try to put their hands behind their neck unknowingly and try to pull their neck instead of moving their body which leads to neck pain. So, the head should be kept neutral while doing the crunches. To avoid the neck and lower back pain, hands should be kept crossed across your shoulder instead of keeping it behind the neck which will prevent you from pulling your head/neck forward.


3. Not doing the exercise in a controlled way

Performing this exercise slowly in a controlled way will help to improve your crunches. Make sure you pause at the top of the movement for a second before coming back down. Performing crunches in this way will help you get used to doing them in a controlled manner. This will further improve the way in which you perform crunches.

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