5 clothing mistakes to avoid


We all want to have a better personality and it is highly affected by what you wear. The first thing we notice/imagine in a person is the clean and tidiness of way of their dressing. There is one proverb that “If we respect our clothes, it will respect us back”. However, if you dress well, you get respect accordingly. So, it is important to know how not to dress rather than how to dress. We will be talking about five clothing mistakes to avoid.


1. Avoid loose clothing

First thing to improve the dressing style is to avoid wearing baggy clothes. It is good enough to wear clothes which are bit loose to you but wearing too much of loose clothes makes you look short. Generally, you should try to wear dress that actually fits your body. Try to avoid too much of tight or too much of loose dresses. In context of jeans, you should avoid the wrinkles and try to tailor it to make it fit rather than too long.


2. Custom Fit Shirts

The first thing that comes in shirts is to have their sleeves fitted. It doesn’t look good when you wear too much of tight shirts or too loose. Well properly ironed shirts are way better than wrinkled shirts which can affect your formal wear of dressing. Try to fold the sleeves if it is too long to make you look clean and tidy.


3. Review your wardrobe timely

Basically, it is necessary to review your wardrobe collection every three months. Reviewing the wardrobe time to time, checking the color of clothes if its faded or torn or if it has become loose can and replacing it with new ones can help your clothing style. You should put those clothes which you actually wear on your wardrove.


4. Buy timeless clothes

There are too many new trends coming day by day which you should try to follow. Try to buy some timeless clothes which are hardly changed by time or trend. You should buy the t-shirts of single color as black or white or grey which never go out of the style and lasts for years.


5. Having bad sneakers/shoes

It is not necessary to buy expensive shoes but it is important to keep them clean. Especially shoes get dirty quickly in rainy season and in pollution-based environment and due to dirtiness of your shoes, it ruins your whole look. You should always remember that shoes are 50% of your overall outfit. Always try to make it clean and classy and try wearing those shoes which matches your outfit.


Wearing proper clothes is a key to feel confident and you don’t want to be making these kinds of mistakes while you dress.


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