What to eat before and after your workout?


Workout is a part of our lifestyle. In recent cases, we don’t seem to have much physical activities. Human bodies are made to work physically and exercises help you to achieve that. But in order to exercise and function you body properly, you need fuel for it. Fuels help you to exercise whereas nutrition helps to recover your body quickly. And for this there are two types of meals that you eat before your workout and quickly after your workout which the most important meal of your whole day.


The type of food that we eat before workout directly affects the performance in delivery of your workouts. However, you can actually cause muscle loss if you regularly workout on an empty stomach. Your body goes into survival mode and draws protein from muscle instead of from your kidney and liver, where the body normally looks for protein when you workout with an empty stomach which can slow your metabolism and make it harder to gain muscle. It is important to have foods with low fats and more carbohydrates and protein around the workout period. It is better to have food with more carbohydrates and protein after the workout rather than having it before workout because it helps in recovery of your muscles. However, we need carbohydrates before our workout because it’s a good fuel for our body which can give output in your workout but we need few amounts of protein too. High intake of protein before workout is not good because it takes time to digest protein and more energy will be spent in it. So, a good source of carbohydrates to eat before workout can be egg whites, oats or muesli, rice and combination of fruits with them is always best. If you have the problem of vomiting or nausea while eating too much before your workout, then you can just eat a banana or an apple with some coffee which will help you stay focused and energizes during workout. This kind of foods will allow you to put best performance when you’re working out.

It is equally important to eat after your workout because your muscles need to get recovered and protein helps your muscle to get recovered quickly. However, it is not necessary to take protein right after your workout is finished. But it is important to include protein in your food which you take right after your workout. So, you can have a protein shake after your workout. For example, I personally use Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey with some fruits. Another option can be a proper meal with rice and chicken or peanut butter with bread and eggs. So, post workout meal should be the heaviest meal among all the other meal you eat throughout the day because our body utilizes that meal without storing it in fat. So, it won’t be stored as fat even if you take heave meal after your workout rather it will be used for recovery of your muscles.


So, make sure that your pre workout and post workout meal should be properly managed and these are the most important meal of your day and result you get is highly affected by the pre workout post workout meal you take.

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