7 ways to be more attractive


Only having a great personality doesn’t make you attractive if you don’t follow proper grooming habits. First impression is the last impression and always remember that not everyone gets second chance.

No one is actually ugly, the thing is that we don’t groom ourselves to full capacity which makes us feel ugly. So, we will discuss 7 grooming habits that will completely change you around.


1. Having white teeth

Even if you are good-looking, if you don’t smile with confidence it doesn’t really matter and for that perfect smile, it is necessary to have white teeth. Make sure that you brush twice a day and try cleaning your tongue and lips too.


2. Having a fit body

It takes years and years to make your body fit and in shape. But doing regular exercises and eating healthy diets can make you fit as well and this will help you to wear any kind of dress. And this gives you confidence to approach any women you want to.


3. Proper face care routine

Most people think that face care is like a girly thing to do which is actually not. Just make sure that you are using good face wash and wash your face twice a day. You can use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun and UV rays.


4. Having a good hairstyle

You should fully utilize your hair by trimming it time to time and cleaning it. Find a hairstyle that actually suits your face structure.


5. Dress up properly

You need to dress up properly according to situation and occasions. It doesn’t really make sense to wear a suit and go to the gym or wear casual in parties.

And one important part of dressing up is matching your shoes with dress. So, make sure that you wear clean shoes that matches your outfit.


6. Use of fragrance

Smelling good will surely make you more attractive. You need to know the difference between deodorant and fragrance. Deodorant neutralizes bad smells while fragrance actually adds more smell to your body.


7. Facial Hair

Most of us want to grow facial hair. If you are successful at growing facial hair, make sure to keep it neat and tidy. It is not necessary to keep your beard too short or too long. Makes sure it is well-trimmed and well-groomed and it matches the shape of your face.

Following these tips will change your personality completely. So, make sure you follow them.


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