What to do as a beginner in the gym?


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Most people join the gym, with the main goal to be healthy, and if along with being healthy if you can have a good body then, Why not? So, what should you do as a beginner? 

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Well, you should be focusing on building strength and progressive overload, and mainly, you should focus on eating healthy. High protein diet, not necessarily protein powders, but other sources like chickpeas, eggs, beans, soya, etc. You need to understand that your result depends on both your diet and training.

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So, if you are someone who isn’t on the extreme ends, and don’t plan on going in the opposite direction. Then just because you’re a little skinny fat doesn’t mean you should rush to lose fat. You need to try to get stronger, build muscle, and eat healthy.

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But also focus on your rest and recovery, sleep at least 8 hours a day, and understand there is no need to work-out 7 days a week. Remember to keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate things. So, give yourself a goal and time, and within 6 months there will be progress.  


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