How much Calories Do We Need?


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Foods that we consume have calories, the only difference is that some are higher than others. Similarly, water doesn’t have any calories.

Calories are basically energy. The goal that we want to achieve depends on our nutrition and diet. So, how much calories do we need? To calculate your calorie requirement, click here.

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After finding out your maintenance calorie, it’ll become easier to manipulate it. For example, if you consume more calories than your maintenance, you’re going to gain weight. Similarly, if you consume less than your maintenance calories then you’ll lose fat. Keeping in mind that it is a calculator at the end of the day and isn’t 100% accurate because, things like NEAT, metabolism, and environment come to play. So, you need to try it out for yourself and improvise accordingly. After that, you can focus on achieving your goals easily.

In a data-driven society like now, learning how to count calories is a must. It helps us in the long term to stay healthy, fit, and look good.


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