How to Deal with Hunger During a Diet


Usually, when we talk about dieting, we think of eating very little or not eating at all. But that’s not true. Dieting means to stay in a caloric deficit, which will help you to lose weight/fat. Dieting will become hard for most of us because we are used to eating a lot of food, and when we cut down calories the food we can eat is limited, eventually leading us to lose motivation and ruin our diet. So, Let's understand how we can improve that.


1.) Follow the Diet-plan given by your trainer strictly

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Normally we get caught up and add a little thing, like a biscuit, chocolate, etc.  Which will add up and eventually, not only ruin your diet but also take you to the opposite end. Understand that they are professionals and know what they are doing so strictly follow your diet plan or consult your trainer if there are any issues.


2.) Drink More

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You need to realize that while starting any diet feeling hungry in the beginning is totally normal and will reduce eventually when your body adapts to it. So, what you can do while in the beginning stages is to try to suppress it with drinks like Coffee, Green Tea, etc. or even Water. They have little to no-calorie and will fill you up easily, which will suppress your hunger.


3.) Eat More Protein and Fibers
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Eating protein with the same caloric value of a carbohydrate will fill you up more. For example, a 500 calories egg or chicken breast will help to keep you fuller than a 500 calories doughnut or rice. Also, foods that are high in fiber like vegetables will keep you fuller for a longer time.


4.) Keep your last meal of the day heavy

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What usually happens is as we progress throughout the day, we can get tired, demotivated, and have more cravings leading us to eat heavy at night, binge eat and then ruin our diet. So, eating low-calorie food and keeping the meals light earlier in the day will help you save up some calories for the rest of the day and prevent you from ruining it. Remember to keep your early meals light to save up calories for later.


5.) Stay Hydrated

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When it comes to being constantly hungry, it may even be that you’re not well hydrated. So, are you hungry or are you just thirsty? That is why you need to drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Make sure you’re drinking at least 4lt of water every single day.

At the end of the day, these are nothing but just tips and tricks. You have to understand that you need to stay consistent with your diet no matter what, to achieve that perfect summer body that you’ve always dreamt of. So, remember to follow these tips and stay consistent until eventually, it becomes a habit.


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