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Now, let me give you examples of work that you might be doing. However, these work may add up as we go along. Moreover, you’re like my second brain, so I expect you to come up with things that needs to be done in order to help with my mission.

  • Focus on fine details. You gotta be creative and help create visually appealing outcomes
  • Email me daily to-do list before 8: 00 A.M. along with important events
  • Delegate work to executives and managers and follow along to see if those things are done, until they’re completed. Also check my to-do list and follow up on them
  • Daily report at the end of the day regarding the status of things delegated or deadlines (take reference from above line)
  • Manage my Google calendar. Set meetings on it, also call me and parties involved as reminders
  • Calculate and organize my weekly and monthly expenses by collecting bills from me
  • Maintain report for pending bills from vendors and make sure the’re organized and reported to the auditor
  • Maintain/ Update quotations, payment history and pending payments
  • Scan and organize all documents and cheques.
  • Take weekly reports from managers and compile and send me
  • Monthly financial report from auditors
  • Open office and organize before I come. I might need coffee sometimes
  • Run errands and occasionally shop for me
  • Collect cheques, bills and documents for me and submit to respected places
  • Work from my home when required
  • Maintain relationship with other executives
  • Making everyone accountable for the task delegated. I mentioned this for the second time to let you know how important this is
  • Filing documents and bills
  • Attending meetings alongside me and taking notes and sending summaries to respected parties
  • Remind Birthdays, anniversaries and other important event
  • Corresponding to emails and making appointments
  • Handle social media
  • Doing research on certain topics
  • I might tell you to read a book weekly and summarize for me. It’s because I want you to learn these.
  • Attend meetings on my behalf
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Handle website and write blog, subtitles and description
  • Willing to go beyond regular tasks and flexible at timing when needed


If you’ve gone through all of this, congratulations, you’re one step closer.

All you have to do now is reply to the email again saying “Book me an appointment”


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