Five essential foods for bulking on a budget


Weight differs from people to people. The weight of a person is determined by the genetics and amount of nutrition he is taking. You can see some people eating a lot of food and not gaining weight while others eating less and gaining pretty decent amount of weight. The main reason for not gaining weight even eating a lot of food is that we might be choosing the wrong food. We have to choose foods that are dense in calories. There are some people who don’t feel as hungry even after not eating for a long time and there are some others who get hungry quickly even after eating.

Since we need to eat a lot of nutritious food to bulk and for a lot of people and students it might be very expensive to take supplements, these are the foods that I used in my journey of bodybuilding while I was studying in college. We will be discussing my top 5 foods that actually helped me to build muscles when I started my journey at 47kgs upto a maximum body weight of 86kgs.


1. Rice

Rice is one of the best food for gaining weight which is an excellent source of clean carbohydrates and which can be found in any place of Nepal. Usually, we can take rice two or three times a day in a huge amount of quantity.


A cup of cooked rice contains around 240-250 calories. So rice can be a very affordable and convenient source of food for gaining weight.


2. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is convenient to carry anywhere when you are travelling and is used for bulking. It is also caloric dense. One spoon of peanut butter contains 110-120 of calories. It can be taken as a snack or breakfast with bread. And as a bonus they taste good as well and contain good amount of healthy fats.


3. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best budget friendly food when it comes to bulking. Eggs are also a cheap and good source of protein and healthy fats. It is better to eat the whole eggs rather than eating the white part of the egg, especially if your goal is to put on weight. A whole egg contains 70-75 of calories and 6g of protein. You can take eggs in any forms i.e boiled, poached, fried or with rice in meals.


4. Bread

Bread is another budget-friendly food that is available in every shop in every part of Nepal. You can have bread with eggs like toast or peanut butter or jams that you can carry around while traveling. They can also be a quick source of meal when you’re on the go.


5. Homemade weight gain shakes

It is cheaper and convenient to make protein shakes at your own house rather than buying a supplement such as mass-gainer because we actually know what we put inside the shake. Liquid meals are easier to digest. Weight gain shakes can be made by combining one or two cups of milk, one cup of water, one banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter and half cup of muesli or oats.


It is not necessary to spend a lot of money in order to build muscle or gain weight. Weight gain can be easier and affordable by using these tips.





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