How to grow bigger biceps?


Alright, okay. You know what, I understand as much as every part of the body needs to be developed, for a lot of people having bigger arms is the goal. I am not promoting it, but I cannot deny it either. Arms that stretch the sleeves of the t-shirts, are actual goals for most people who join gyms and I wouldn’t blame them either. I was the same when I started out.

However, it might be troublesome for most people to grow those small arms into massive guns.

So, I’ll tell you a few things which will actually help you blow up your biceps.

Generally, for most youngsters, it is hard for them to gain biceps because they are usually weaker on their bicep movements.

First of all, biceps are made up of two muscle group and it is important to train both equally. Generally, biceps are engaged in every pulling movement like pull ups, pull down. But you need to incorporate some isolation exercises to train your biceps directly.

It is important to have two out of three variations in order to train biceps. One of them is basic movement in which we can lift heavier weights and second one is to perform reps in controlled way without cheating. And, the last one will be the stretching of biceps muscle.


First variation exercise can be barbell curls, dumbbell curls in which you can lift heavy weights by using your momentum, however keep the momentum under control. Usually, you should train this around 6-10 repetitions.

And, there are other isolation exercises with strict form like concentration curls or preacher curls. You can do these in higher repetitions, around 15 or so.

Last but not least, one of the best exercises for third variation is inclined dumbbell curls. While performing this exercise you lie down in an inclined bench and drop your elbow back of your torso. This gives different variation to your biceps and creates a stretch in your biceps. You cannot lift heavy weights in this exercise compared to other exercises.

You can train your arms more than once per week. It is not efficient to train your biceps just once per week. You can split your exercise 2 per day for 3 days in a week.

Don’t stay in the same 8 to 12 repetitions. Try to change your repetition range. Give some variation to it as well. Try to do some exercises in 6-8 reps, some in 10-12 and so on. You can do high repetition by decreasing the weight and do low repetition by increasing the amount of weight. Make sure that your intensity is 100% no matter what repetition you are doing.


Another mistake that beginners do is form. They try to use momentum of their body while doing some exercises like barbell curls. Strict from is necessary in every exercise. Try to decrease your rest period as well in order to keep constant tension in your muscle. Maybe you can rest up to 3 minutes in compound exercises. But try to minimize your rest period while doing isolation exercise.

One most important thing which is easily over looked is not training brachialis. Brachialis is originated from forearms and gets inserted in biceps which helps to show the peak of your biceps. And, you can do exercises with neutral grip like reverse curls or hammer curls in order to train it.

Try to add different intensity techniques like drop sets in your exercise. If you’re doing barbell curls with 20kgs then you drop the weight by 10kgs in next set without taking any rest. Try this once or twice a week. Similarly, slow negatives can be another intensity building technique. If you have habit of using momentum while doing barbell curls, then try to control your weight on the way back down.

Make sure you are following all these tips and in no time, you will fill your sleeves with bigger biceps.

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