Had a cheat day? Don't worry here's what you should do!


When it comes to fitness, we workout or eat proper meals and we also know the importance of exercising daily and eating healthy foods regularly. We make sure that we have a proper balanced diet according to our goals, whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight or improving athletic performance. And for best results, we follow our diet along with our workouts because it is said that diet is 70% of our progress.

However, the trickiest part is also the diet because it is fun doing workouts but diets or eating the same food may not be something that we would like. So, we incorporate cheat days and there are times we do binge eating or eat excessive cheat meals in an unplanned way even if we try to be strict with our eating habits. So, we are going to discuss some tips for recovering from it today.


1. Drink plenty of water

After the day of your binge eating or cheat day, don’t change things even if you regret it. Don’t try to overcompensate it by not eating at all on the next day, instead drink a lot of water. This will help you flush out extra water that your body might have held on to due to consumption of high carbs or salt.

You feel fat even if you’re not because it is just the puffiness due to bloating. So, to remove this, you need to flush your body with even more water. So, make sure that you start the day by drinking a lot of water and keep drinking throughout the day as well. It can be coffee or lemon water on anything else.


2. Get back on track

Most people try to do more exercise or even stay without eating throughout the whole day to compensate for their cheat days. But the best thing you can do is by continuing to eat like you would eat on a normal day of diet. If you don’t eat the whole day or compensate by doing more exercise, your body might crave more cheat meals. So, just get back to your old workout and diet habits.


3.Plan for your next cheat day

Cheat days are a crucial part of the diet and fitness lifestyle. However, the problem starts when you do unplanned cheat days because if you don’t eat cheat meals for a long time then there will be more craving for it and you might overcompensate them by eating a lot. That’s the time when it becomes problematic. However, if you plan a cheat meal weekly, you can have it in a restricted and controlled way. So, make sure you have a cheat day planned as a reward so that you’re strict on the other days, expecting to have that reward as a cheat meal.


So, try to control your cheat meals and if you cannot control it then follow these tips. It might help you a bit. Stay healthy, stay hydrated!

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