How to lose fat while keeping your gains?


Imagine you took so many months to build muscles. Now you want to see what’s the result that is stored inside the layer of fat in your body. You go on a cut, you lose fat but you also lose muscles and you end up exactly where you were before starting to bulk. Does that sound like a nightmare to you?

In most cases, people consume high calories and train for 7-8 months just for bulking but they ruin everything and end up losing their muscles in the fat loss process while cutting by which all the hard work and effort goes in waste. But don’t worry because below are six tips that will help you preserve all your muscles while losing fat.


1. Don’t drop your calories too soon

People want a faster result but patience is the most important thing. People try to take low calories and start eating less amount of food at once, by which their muscles are also lost and there won’t be enough calories to preserve the muscles.

Once, you try to lose fat aggressively, it will hit a plateau and you cannot drop your weight because you are already eating less amount of food. So, you should try to reduce your food, as well as calories, intake very slowly.


2. Keeping protein high

People usually think that more protein is necessary for bulking but it is not true. While bulking we have enough calories, so we don’t need more protein.

However, more protein is essential for the body while cutting. The amount of protein that we need can be calculated by multiplying your body weight in kgs by 2. If you are 50kgs, 100gm of protein is enough for you and if you are weighing 70kgs, 140gm of protein is enough for you. Protein reduces hunger because it fills your stomach which helps in fat loss.


3. Go heavy on weights

Usually, people try to perform their exercises by reducing the weights and increasing the repetitions in an effort to lose fat. Our muscles are grown due to heavy weights and if we don’t perform our exercises with heavy weights then we will lose our muscles.

So, try to keep your weight training still heavy and set your goal to maintain your strength as well.


4. Sleeping well

Sleep is very important whether you’re trying to gain muscles or lose fat because the body produces hormones that are necessary for your muscles while sleeping. If you don’t sleep enough, then your body will give up your muscles and will try to compensate for it.


5. Have planned cheat meals

Cheat meals are equally important when you are dieting because for the long term you cannot stay motivated by not eating your favorite food. You will get cravings if you don’t take cheat meals and as a result, you will try to do binge eating.

You should plan your cheat day and most necessarily plan the amount of calories you are going to take in your cheat meal. However, you can go up to 10-20% above your regular calories.


6. Don’t do a lot of cardio

The first thing that people imagine during fat loss is cardio. It is not necessary to do cardio because diet alone can help you in fat loss. Now, if you want to integrate cardio as well, start with a very low amount of cardio maybe 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week and your results after that will determine if you can increase it or not. Don’t aggressively start your cardio for 1 hour 6-7 times a week.


Fat loss is easy if you are following these tips. So, eat healthy foods and stay focused.

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