Hydrate your body for a better workout


Most of the time, our performance differs from day to day basis. We cannot give the same amount of energy or we cannot get the same amount of output every single time. This is one of the main reasons why it mostly happens is because of our consumption of food and water. And, water is the most neglected thing i.e. most people don’t drink enough water and due to which their performance gets affected negatively.

Apart from this, if you don’t drink enough water it will also have an effect on your general health and well-being like skin, hair, nails, and even your immunity. Similarly, not drinking enough water can cause your body to be less flexible or hydrated by which your movement won’t become fast and smooth.

So, here are a few ways by which you can hydrate your body.


1. Drink water as soon as you wake up

This is a very difficult habit to do. Most people are not thirsty as soon as they wake up. However, try to force yourself to drink the first glass of water if you don’t have a habit of drinking water and it is good to drink as much as water you can as soon as you wake up.

So, try to avoid your phone as soon as you wake up and make a habit of drinking water.

pouring water on person's hands


2. Drink water in the middle of your workout

Make sure you are drinking at least a liter of water while working out. There are myths saying that you cannot drink water during your workout which is actually false. Water gives you energy during a workout and makes you stay hydrated so that you can avoid cramps.

However, you can mix flavored BCAAs so that you will actually enjoy drinking water.

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3. Put a water bottle in your work desk

Usually, if you keep your water bottle right in front of you, you tend to drink more water. However, if you keep it far from you, then the ease of drinking water won’t cross your mind.

white and blue labeled disposable bottled water

4. Add more fruits to your diet

Fruits like watermelon, apple, orange contain some proper quantity of water and it makes you hydrated as well. You can include fruits in your snacks or pack it up while going to work and have it as your lunch.

Your muscles are made up of 70% of water. So, try to at least 2 litres of water a day which will not only keep you hydrated but also boost your stamina and health.vegetables and fruits display

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