How Effective Are Home Workouts?


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Any form of physical activity that our body isn’t used is considered a workout. There are different ways to workout. And home workouts are one of them. Recently home workouts are in the limelight. Especially because of the pandemic. And along with its popularity, it has brought a lot of skepticism along with it. So, are home workouts effective? Or is it just another way to waste your time?

To be honest it totally depends on you and how you can make it more effective. So, here are some common fitness goals and how you can achieve them using your very own home workouts.

      1. Strength/Bulk

 Strength training at home can be frustrating due to the lack of equipment and extra weight. But it isn’t totally impossible. And here’s how you can do it too: -

  • Sticking to fewer exercises.
  • Using your Bodyweight as an advantage to do heavy workouts.
  • Using basic/compound exercises, for example, Pullups for your back, Pushups for your chest, and Squats for your legs.
  • Focusing on Progressive overload as a means to grow, can’t increase weights? Then increase reps, can’t increase reps? Then increase sets and so on.
  • Focusing on eating right and hitting your protein goals along with a calorie surplus
  • Tracking your workouts. (Sets, Weights, Reps, etc.)
  • Checking out my video on how I did it too.

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        2. Hypertrophy/Cut

 Training for a shredded physique at home can seem difficult. But fear not losing fat and getting a summer body at home is much easier than you’d think. And here’s how you can do it too: -

  • Understand that you can actually benefit more from home workouts for fat loss.
  • Using Cardio as a tool. (Maybe walking in circles at the roof or doing more chores.)
  • Doing more Plyometric and Dynamic Exercises.
  • Adding HIIT workouts at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Training full body for 3-4 times a week
  • Being in a calorie deficit and eating right, maybe increasing protein
  • Sleeping enough
  • Checking out my video on how I did it too.


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These are some of the ways to boost your progress and reach your goals with the help of home workouts the only main things you’ll need to focus on while doing these are that you must prioritize things like eating right, progressive overload, and sleep, for maximum and proper progress. If you want to learn more about fitness and reach your goals while growing mentally and physically why don’t you check out my YouTube channel.

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