7 things you should do if you just can't fall asleep


Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life which helps in the proper functioning of a normal human body. It helps us stay focused and energized. Sleep is also important because our body releases hormones while sleeping that is needed for the growth of our body.

Sleep Deprivation may cause you to lose focus or attention which may affect your performance at work too. Similarly, the average life span of a human body decreases if they don’t sleep regularly.

However, not everyone can get enough sleep or sleep easily. Not sleeping enough is also looked upon as  abadge of honor or a sign of a hard working person, more like something to be proud of. Here’s the thing, we shouldn’t feel proud of unhealthy habits. It’s more important to encourage the younger generation to lead a better and a baoalnced lifestyle.

So, we are going to talk about a few tips which might help you sleep better and earlier if you’re struggling with sleeping on time.


1. Don’t drink caffeine or too much liquid of before bed

Coffee or any other liquid that contains caffeine in it keeps you awake and attentive which we want you to avoid before sleeping. Drinking too much liquid can make you subconscious about going to the bathroom or pee too.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks for at least 5-6 hours before bed time and you will find it much easier to sleep well.


2. Don’t go to bed with an empty stomach

Some people try to avoid eating before sleep especially when they are on their diet. But when you’re hungry, you cannot sleep and hunger is the only thing that you keep focused on. So, you need to eat something before going to bed.

If you’re on a diet, eat lesser foods in the first half of the day and eat some proper meal which will fill your stomach in another half of the day. Or you can also opt for calorie dense food such as protein and vegetable sources to keep you full before sleeping.


3. Don’t exercise 4-5 hours before bed

People think that exercising before bed will make them tired and will help them fall asleep. But, it’s just the opposite. If you exercise before bed, it will make you active and awake. So, make sure that you exercise before 4-5 hours. We want to be calm before sleeping. Put on some calm music or white noise instead.


4. Put the phone down

Another thing is our mind keeps thinking and consuming information while using our mobile phone. The phone contains bright and blue light which keeps you active. Maybe if your phone allows, you can filter the brightness of the phone and blue lights of your phone by downloading certain apps.

Also we don’t want to be processing a lot of information right before sleeping. Maybe read a book so that you can focus on only one thing and even pick up a healthy habit of reading books.


5. Avoid taking daytime naps

Most people have the habit of taking naps during the daytime for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour which affects their sleep cycle too. So, try to avoid this. I know it can be a very hard habit to give up on but think of all the productivity you can get done in those times instead, or maybe catchup with an old friend.


6. Meditation

If you meditate before going to bed, the stress and anxiety of your whole day will be removed. Your mind will be in a rested state after you meditate. So, meditation can be a good bedtime routine for you. You can get a lot of apps or meditation music on youtube. Give it a try. It’ll surely help.


7. Don’t force yourself to sleep early

When you force yourself to sleep, it will make you more stressed. The more you think about it, the more you cannot sleep and more your mind is active.


So, don’t force yourself to sleep early. It will come itself eventually. Just close your eyes and relax. It takes a while to turn this into a habit though, so be patient about it.

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