Best winter Fragrances for men


Most people just care about their visual(outer) appearances. Out of all our five senses, it is only for our eyes that perceive appearance. But the nose is also one of the strongest senses of the human body that helps to smell things.


Just looking good and wearing good is not enough, instead, smelling distinct and good is also important because your smell is a part of your personality too and perfumes allow you to do that. Now, of course, you can wear any perfumes any time you like if you want to but there are some rules as to which perfume to use in the morning and which perfume to use in the formal wear, or which perfume to use in the dinner.


Likewise, there are perfumes which are used in spring or summer and there are perfumes which are used in autumn or winter. Perfumes that smell citrus, lemony or fresh have a light tone which is more likely to be used in summer whereas perfumes that smell woody, leather or spice have a dark tone which is more likely to be used in winters.


Everyone may have their own taste and there might be better perfumes but these are the perfumes that I personally like for my own personality. So, I will give you three of my top most favorite perfume for men when it comes to winter from last to first.


3. Burberry London

Burberry, formally known as London Men Original eau de toilette spray is a woody, aromatic fragrance, with heart notes of sandalwood, juniper, and jasmine blending with a strong base of musk, cedarwood and patchouli to complete a scent of modern British style.


2. The One Gentleman

If you are looking something for the office, movie, date or dinner for fall, this is a winner. If you are going somewhere in the winter yet will inside and close to others, again this would be a great fragrance. However, if you’ll be outside during the cold, it won’t be as The One EDP, but it will project enough to get noticed. The notes and aroma sort of fit the colder months.


1. Eau Sauvage Extreme

Eau Sauvage Extreme by Christian Dior is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men which was launched in 1984. It lasts for about 5-6 hours on the skin. Quite versatile. You may wear it in different occasions, depending on your mood.


Perfumes not only enhance your personality but also helps in building confidence to talk in front of others. It will also be an extra advantage for you by smelling good.


So why not use perfumes?

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