Fixing your mental environment


I’ve always been a huge promoter of health and fitness. And when we talk about health and fitness, people assume that having a fit body or going to the gym is sufficient.

However most of us forget that our mind is also a part of our body. In fact, the mind is the most important part of our body and it controls the rest of our body. So we can say that it has a lot of responsibility and works nonstop, even when your body is resting.

So it’s only fair that we take care of it.

I know times are hard and it’s time like these that it’s even more important to create a good environment for our mental wellbeing as when we don’t use our physical body much, our mind works even more.

So here are a few things you can do

  • Keep it busy

There’s not much going on currently but if you carefully think, there are so many things you can be doing. From online courses to cleaning your closet to learning an important skill. These are not just things I’m suggesting to keep yourself busy but are actually important things you would be spending your time on.


  • Write

Another thing you can do is observe yourself. Acknowledge the presence of the wiser force within you, your mind. Believe me, your mind is actually more brilliant than you think it is, we just often neglect things it says so it’s voice has become a white noise. Journaling your thoughts is an important thing you can do to preserve the beautiful voices of your mind. Write things as they happen in your mind and review them later.


  • Meditate

Similar to acknowledging your mind, you have to acknowledge your body as well. Observe what everything around you feels like and focus on your body. Meditation is one surprising thing that’ll change your daily life. Try Headspace, a meditation app that teaches you meditation for 10 free days.

  • Entertain yourself

Listen to music, watch some movies or turn on Netflix. You don’t need to punish yourself with productivity only. Lot of people put pressure in trying to stay productive. Although it’s important, you gotta let it all loose at times and now is the perfect time for it.


  • Talk to people

One thing we’re luckier than people of older generations is the evolution of technology. Make use of it. Connect with your friends, team or just about anybody. In times like these, the hardest part is staying away from people. Remember, we are social animals and we need social interactions. People are only a touch away from your smartphone.


And a final and most important piece of advice: Stay away from too much social media. You really can't trust all these conspiracy theories and the number of fake news that's trying to make people anxious is way too much.

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