How to stop biting your nails?


This is something I’ve always struggled with, the habit of biting nails since my childhood. As far as I remember, I have always been used to biting nails.

It started out when I was in school. Teachers used to check our nails before we enter our class every day. So, in order to avoid getting punished, I used to bite my nails and keep it small which turned into habit later on. Slowly, not only nails but I started biting my skin too. As I grew up, I then realized that it was not a good habit because I got a fever from it as well due to the dirt in the nails. In general, it’s not a good habit though. It makes your hand look dirty. I’ve tried many times to get out of this habit. Consciously, I used to think of not biting it and after 3-4 days, it happens again.


One day, my girlfriend suggested me to do a manicure and see if that helps me. For most men, they have a concept that manicure is a girly thing. They think that manicure refers to nail polishing only but it’s wrong. There is some sort/level of manicure. So, the basic one would be cutting nails and making it smooth by covering it with some clear coat. And after a while, this made sense to me. Pretty much my reason for biting nails was to make all the nails even and in order to make it even, I used to bite it with my teeth, scratch it with my other hand and due to which my nails got even worse and I ended up having no nails at all. So, once I went and made my nails smooth and even, my habit slowly changed. So, the first time doing manicure, I stopped biting my nails and I went for manicure next time as well and it’s been months since I have left this bad habit behind.


However, everyone should remember that subconsciously when we are stressed, we have that tendency to want to bite nails. So, if there is only a way to stop this habit and you’re struggling with this ever since, getting a manicure will be the perfect solution for it.

Oh by the way, I get mine done at Ananeke Beauty Salon, just ask for clear gel nails. You can google them and find locations about their multiple branches.


Get yourself a hobby, make yourself busy doing other things so that you don’t remember your nails which will help you in your habit of biting nails.

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