How to Get the Best Shades for You


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Looking good and aesthetic isn’t about the clothes you wear. It is about the accessory and how you incorporate them too. Similarly, shades or glasses, in general, are the easiest and the most convenient way to up your style game because it is noticeable, affordable, and helps you stand out.

Keeping these in mind here’s how you can choose the perfect pair of glasses for you,


1.) Not being too Price-conscious

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Being price-conscious and trying to save up money isn’t a bad thing, but however, neglecting the quality for quantity is. A good pair of affordable and aesthetic glasses will cost you from about NPR 1,000- NPR 2,000. So, whenever shopping for a good pair of glasses or any product in general always choose quality over quantity.


2.) Recognizing the shape of your face

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You must choose your glasses according to your face shape. And the best way to do that is by selecting exactly the opposite shape from your face. For example, if your face is square then round and oval-shaped glasses will suit you more, and similarly if your face is round then square or rectangle glasses will suit you. However, keeping an exception for the oval shaped faces out there, you guys can rock any type of glasses you want to.


3.) Color and style

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This depends heavily upon the setting you will be going to or just your outfit. Rule of the thumb obviously, would be to wear a black one and wear light shades on sunny days. But you have to understand that the shades you should be wearing will mostly depend on the outfit, occasion, and season.


4.) Taking other factors into consideration

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Especially in the context of Nepal, and even more Kathmandu. Getting a proper shade is important and by proper shade things like, the quality of the lens, which should be polarized, because not only does that help you keep your eyes safe but also helps increase clarity.

Always remember that style is about having fun and expressing yourself. So, until you find your style. Have fun, experiment, explore, and learn.


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